MOBILE KIOSK Don’t you hate to wait in line for food? In fact, your customers may hate it more than you. No problem, with our mobile mini Kiosk, you cantext> skip the line and send your order to the kitchen immediately… and yes, I’ll have fries with that.
TABLESIDE ORDERING It has been said, “Enjoy today, it will be the slowest day of the rest of your life!”. As the pace of life quickens, so also do your customer’s needs. With tableside ordering solutions, we combine instant ordering with compelling entertainment making for faster service and more satisfied customers.
ORDER TOUTE SUITE Our “suite” spot is design, but our pride lives on the backs of our developers. Customizable apps to integrate ordering, payments, gift cards, promotions, whatever “suites” you.
MOBILE APPLICATIONS Wanna sell something? How about providing a neat newgame to your customers that helps them appreciate theservice you deliver. Well, we’ve got an app for that anda whole lot more.
INTERACTIVE DIGITAL SIGNAGE Custom images, animations and advertising delivered to your table. Don’t like beer, no problem, can we interest you in a Mojito or how about a ½ price movie ticket?
MENU BOARDS What if you could make it easy for your customers to see all of the amazing “stuff” you sell so that you could actually sell more. We can help you with that. With elegantly designed menu boards and compelling digital imagery we can make your products look amazing and even allow you to change prices in real time.